Saturday, August 11, 2012

Tips For Cleaning Your Children's Rooms

Keeping your child's room clean is essential to avoid allergies and other ailments.  In addition to your basic cleaning routines, pay special attention to the chemicals in the products you use.

Tips for cleaning your child's room are:

Ventilate the premises daily - it is very important that a child's room is aired out daily.  Leave the windows open so that fresh air can circulate the room;
Select green products - Avoid cleaning products with strong smells.  Instead use products with a neutral or odorless aroma.

Vacuum Vacuum Vacuum - Don't just vacuum the floor, use on upholstered armchairs, cushions, curtains, even in baby's crib. Once a week vacuum the crib or bed mattress.

Change the bedding twice a week - Along with changing sheets and pillowcases also wash pillow cushions and mattress pad.
Wash stuffed toys - although beautiful and give a special charm in the decor, stuffed animals tend to accumulate dust. Therefore they should be washed regularly.

Keep children out of their rooms when you are cleaning.  Often times they are very sensitive to allergies.

Happy cleaning.


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