Monday, August 29, 2011

An Inspirational Pregnant Woman - Beyonce Knowles

Who better to start our blog series on Inspirational Pregnant Working Women than Ms. Beyonce Knowles.

Announcing her pregnancy last night at the VMA was inspiring to women who dream of having it all.  A career and family.

Beyonce's road to superstardom was long and challenging.  Now she is at the top of her game and venturing into the most challenging role of all, Motherhood.

Congratulations Beyonce and Jay-Z.  

Born with a Silver Spoon

We have all heard of the statement "Born with a Silver Spoon in your mouth"?

Looking for a unique item to give a baby who has everything?  How about these gold or silver bling bling pacifiers?

Elodie Details, a Swedish soother company offers an exclusive collection of pacifiers including gold and silver editions as well as a variety of fun patterned colored plastic editions. To ensure these opulent trinkets don’t get lost or dirty,  Elodie offers a fabulous range of soother clips and security blankets, all in hip, modern designs.

Nest baby and its bling bling pacifier in this gold encrusted Little Miss Liberty cradle for a stylish introduction to family, friends and the world.

 Contact us about purchasing these items for your little ones.


Sunday, August 28, 2011

One of the World's Most Beautiful Baby Furniture Brands

Theophile and Patachou

Style, Simplicity and Splendor three words the come to mind when discribing this brand of baby products.

Located in Belgium, mothers to be looking for timeless childern's furniture and baby accessories for their child flock to Theophile and Patachou.  Like the loveliest fairytales theirs is a story of charm and gentleness told by their collection which is devoted to the well being and comfort of your little ones.

The collection consists of furniture and room and baby accessories adorned with delicate details and timeless in their appeal.

Contact me about outfitting your child's room with Theophile and Patachou.  Imagine the delight of your little one's face when entering its perfectly decorated world.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What Type of Baby Carrier or Sling is Right for Your Baby?

Why use a baby carrier?
Birth is a big transition from mom's warm womb & babies still need to feel close contact with their parents. Babies visibly enjoy this direct physical contact and the nurturing body-to-body contact fulfils baby's fundamental needs creating an ideal position to discover the world around them.

Some of the top brands with baby carriers/slings on the market are Gucci, Serena & Lily and Babybjorn.  Both mom and baby can set their won fashion trend by selecting a style that works for them. 

Which style is right for your baby?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Watch to Watch

These little watches have become the "it" watch amongst trendsetting youngsters.  Perfect accessory for back to school.

As seen in: Vogue, Vanity Fair, Instyle, Glamour, Elle, People, Teen Vogue, News Week, GQ, Allure & Newsweek

Toywatch was created in 2005 by Milan-based designer and wristwatch aficionado Marcho Mavilla.  ToyWatch uses a chunky toy-like aesthetic to make an anti-luxury statement. Somewhat ironically the ToyWatch has become the ultimate ‘It’ watch to the A-list with fans like Sienna Miller, Katie Holmes and Madonna.

Cool, Hip, trendy?  What does your teenager think?


Monday, August 15, 2011

Baby Dior Fall Winter Collection

The Formative Years....Indeed.

Dressing for success starts in childhood.
Take a look at Baby Dior Fall Winter 2011 boys and girls collections.


Renting Designer Clothing For Kids

Kids grow.  Their closets don't have to.  Children's high-end designer clothing just got fancier.  Fanciu is a an online “store” where busy parents can find that perfect outfit for any occasion without investing lots of time and money on a garment that will probably be a one hit wonder. Rentals! That was the idea of a busy mom of twin girls when she started Fanciu.  Parents can indulge in a little guilt-free designer decadence without going over budget.

Would this be an option for you?  Will your kids like this idea?  Share your thought with us.  Visit Fanciu for all the details about this new concept.


Friday, August 12, 2011

Teaching Kids Table Manners, simplified

Good table manners always start in the home.  As adults we all remember the days when mom, dad or our grandparents introduced us to table manners. 

So, when is the best time to start teaching children good table manners?

As early as three years old.  It's actually a little tricky for little ones to master cutlery and eat without scattering food - think peas - all over the table.  Teaching your kids table manners can sometimes be a time consuming and tricky business.

Problem solved.

FunFam a Japanese-based company has created a simplified way to teach children good table manners.  The company has designed a line of beautiful table settings for children.  Products range from a traditional Japanese style set, an adorable Apple Set - designed to look like an apple and a baby set. Made from sustainable bamboo.