Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Bringing Baby Home To Meet Older Siblings? Try These Top Tips For a Successful Introduction

Bringing a new baby home is always a cause for great happiness but your older child may not be as welcoming and overjoyed.  Here are a few tips and advice for easing sibling anxiety when meeting the newest member of the family.

Gift Giving

Have the siblings bring a gift each to give to the baby at the hospital.  It could be as simple as artwork made by big brother or sister, a special toy or a book for the new baby.  This will give big brother or sister a special part to play in the new baby's arrival home.  And the experience will make becoming a big brother or big sister an exciting and happy one.

Introducing The Baby Bump

With the first hint of your baby bump start talking about the "bump" as the new baby.  Identify the "bump" as where the new baby is living and include big brother or sister in planning the nursery and shopping for baby clothes for when baby comes out the bump and comes home.

Special Time

Make it a priority to set aside some time every day to focus on your older children.  Perhaps, go to the park with baby asleep in stroller while you hang out with the older siblings or have a special story time when you read a few quiet stories or do some arts and crafts together.  Reinforcing to older siblings that they are still special to you will help their acceptance of the new baby.

Group Hugs

Every new parent will hug and kiss their new baby which often creates jealousy in older siblings. How about special group hugs where baby and siblings are hugging mom and dad. Hug them and tell them how proud you are of them for being such a great older brother or sister. Affection its always a cure all.

Look At Old Photos

Have a family moment and site with your kids and look through their baby photo album from when they were born. Kids love to see pictures of themselves and hear their birth stories. It will help them understand the process or being born and coming home to mom and dad.

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