Friday, July 20, 2012

A 9 Year Old Becomes A Millionaire Through His Paintings

They are those who say our destiny is determined before we are born, while others believe we create our own after we are born.  I believe childhood is often a time when a glimmer of our destiny is first seen.

Kieron Williamson, a British boy 9 years old, sold his paintings for several tens of thousands of dollars.  Through his work he will soon become a millionaire.

As reported in the, reporter David Keller writes:

Working in the media I have the privilege of meeting people with remarkable talent.
But as I patiently listen to cats snoozing in the living room of a rustic country home, it hits me that the person I'm waiting to interview has been so successful that he bought the surrounding bricks and mortar last year when he was aged just eight.  And as he bounces through the door after a good day at school, it strikes me that the artist I last met two years ago is still pint-sized... but now he's almost a millionaire.

 Kieron Williamson
 Kieron Williamson first picked up a paintbrush at the age of five

Last week 24 of Kieron Williamson's latest pieces sold for a combined £250,000.
This week the public is getting the chance to see them up close, along with his first ever paintings, at a career-spanning exhibition in Holt, Norfolk, a fortnight before he turns 10.  But does he even think about the money? "No," says Kieron, rather abruptly for such a shy boy, "but I like it a little bit".

Kieron's talent was first discovered by his parents on a family holiday to Cornwall at the age of five and since then his artistic ability has shown no signs of slowing down.

'My style's changed'
He hit the headlines in 2010 when his first major art sale fetched £150,000 in half an hour. Since then he has had hundreds of requests from people around the world to paint for them, including high-profile celebrities and royal family members. "I'm not painting as many, but I think they're better quality than they were," says Kieron, sitting in his art studio in his new home in Ludham on the Norfolk Broads.

"My style's changed and I've now got every medium."

Kieron Williamson and one of his paintings
Kieron believes his latest painting of Wells-next-the-Sea is his best yet

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Cley Mill from the Marshes by Kieron Williamson
The latest art sale by Kieron Williamson sold for £250,000

Kieron is a work in progress and will continue to produce work consistently and create, in some ways, his own artistic movement

Children continue to amaze the world.


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