Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Children's Room Wall Decor Ideas

I discovered these story telling picture frames designed for use in children's rooms.  The company, Was A House, is an international company and does not deliver in the USA.  We immediately got to work creating these ourselves for clients.  They are conversation pieces and are simple to make.


1.  Take an old or new picture frame
2.  Discard the glass
3.  Spray paint the frame with any color you like
4.  Cut fabric 1/4 inch longer than discarded glass
5.  Cut card board same size as discarded glass
6.  Staple or glue fabric over cardboard, then secure it in side frame with frame backing
7.  Use crazy glue to attach sentimental items from baby's life in center of frame

Favorite items to use are baby's hospital band, first pair of shoes, favorite toy or birthday party invitation are all unique items that can be used.






These are fun to make and will help to preserve baby's milestones.

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