Friday, April 15, 2011

Decorating Ideas for Kids Rooms

You have decided it is time to design a space for your child.  Finding the time has become quite the challenge?  Time swamped or not designing a room for your child's life is a must.  Here are a few time savings and unique design ideas to help you decorate a children’s room for any age group.

Set Aside a Study Area
Kids at every stage need a separate space to do homework, study or house their computer.  Adding a desk and chair instantly turns a corner of a room into a study area.  Add lighting, desk storage accessories, perhaps a shelf and you have the makings of a kids study area that can be personalized as your child grows.

Create a Cozy Hideaway
A child’s room needs a focus, something unique to their personality.  Hang a canopy across their bed to transform it into a cozy den in the daytime.  Or purchase a customized fairytale children’s bed that are designed for play and sleep. 

Add a Splash of Pattern
Instead of plain old pink, blue or green paint color, pick unusual colors and compliment it with a graphic pattern.  Get your child’s input in deciding what colors and patterns to select.  The added bonus to a pattern themed children’s room is that it can be dressed up or down with colorful accessories and patterns and is a cool color scheme for teens as well as toddlers.   A theme like this makes good financial sense as it will transition from toddler to teen.

Fit Hidden Storage
Most children’s furniture come with extra storage – indespensible at any age, but practically useful if the room does not have space for many pieces of furniture.  If your child is ready for sleepovers, consider the bed that conceals a slide out trundle bed underneath.

Opt for Illustrated Blinds
For a cool, calming streamlined children’s room keep pictures on the wall to a minimum. Try bold patterns and printed blinds instead. You could also choose a picture of your choice and have it printed onto the blinds. 

Choose creative lighting
Instead of a night light or bedside lamp, a trail of fairy lights attached to a wall or bedhead provides a reasuring glow and still looks stylish for an older child.  Always choose LEDs as they are cool to the touch. 

Create a calming mural
A beautiful mural can provide the perfect backdrop to help a child’s imagination sour, enourage a teenager’s self expression or add a unique focal point to the room. 

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