Monday, October 10, 2011

10 Rules of Etiquette When Visiting a Newborn

When a special friend or family member has given birth to a baby everyone gets excited and wants to see the newborn.  Babies immune systems are delicate and special considerations should be taken into account when thinking of visiting  the newborn.

1.  Squeezing Baby - everyone falls in love with a new baby and wants to kiss baby's cheeks, hug baby tightly and squeeze baby.  This is the fastest way to deliver germs to the baby.  Instead one should either look at baby or if privy, hold baby gently in your arms making sure baby is snug in its receiving blanket.

2.   Make It a Short Visit - Remember this is a time for recovery for both mom and baby.  Both mom and baby needs lots of rest and this is a special time for mom to welcome her newborn into the world.  Its chic not to stay long.

3.   Wash Up - Do not forget basic hygiene care.  Wash your hands up to the elbows once you have arrived in the hospital room.  Its another step to insure that mom and baby are protected.

4.   Wellness - If you are sick do not go.  Stay home.

5.   Cell Phones, Off - Turn off your cell phones.  The noise of a ringing phone tends to disturb babies who are not use to loud noises which can cause them stress. 

6.   No Photos - Do not take pictures of a newborn, especially when in the hospital.  If mom wants to do that its entirely up to her.  Its not your place as a visitor to do so.  This isn't your baby or your delivery to introduce with others. 

7.   Crowds - Schedule your visit with mom as you don't want to intrude on family time or create a crowded situation by arriving at the same time as too many other people.  A crowd can be too overwhelming for both mom and baby.

8.  Smoking - Do not smoke before visiting baby.  Even the faintest of smoke smell can be disturbing to mom and baby.

9.   Gift - Do not go empty handed.  Always take along a small token to congratulate mom and baby. 

10.  Don't Go - If you are not immediately family, i.e, grandmother, mother, brother, sister etc., its not necessary for you to visit baby in the hospital.  Most hospital stays are short.  Make your first visit to baby at home.


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  1. when meeting a newborn say HI, ignore the infant and shower the parents with champagne