Monday, September 26, 2011

Recipe Delux - Cookies in a Mug

Kids love cookies.  Especially chocolate chip.  Well here is a fun family activity for you to enjoy with your kids.  Baking a cookie in a mug. 

Ingredients for the dough
4 table spoon of flour
4 table spoon of sugar
3 table spoon of coco
1 egg
3 table spoon of milk
3 table spoon of oil
Chocolate sprinkles, confetti or sparklers to decorate

Ingredients for Topping
Half container of frosting (any brand, any flavor) 
We used chocolate frosting.

Preparation of the cookie

In a large mug that is microwave safe, mix the flour, sugar and coco. Add egg and mix well with a fork.  Mix milk and oil. Bake in microwave on high for 3 minutes (see tip below).
Preparation of topping

Mix frosting until light and easy to spread.  Put frosting on cookies in circular motion until top is covered.  Sprinkle with chosen garnish.

Important: At half time the dough will start to rise.  Turn off the microwave. Hold down the top of dough to fit into the mug. Repeat until the dough will not go down and brings back up.  The cake is ready.

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